Thursday, 12 December 2013 13:21

Why Ukraine?

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To spread any idea throughout the world firstly it must be implemented in some exact country. If it succeeds, other countries will adopt its experience. But why should Ukraine be this kind of country?

Founders of Creator Society Movement are Ukrainians and it’s natural that we want to see Ukraine, first of all, as a kind of country that will put our ideals into effect. But it's not only about that.

The world today has reached some kind of blind corner when old schemes do not do and new ones have not been made yet. And it is quite possible that traditions of statehood of developed countries prevent them from developing new ideas only. Creating something new always means to some extent to give up the old. Successful countries having a long history of their own statehood stick more to the past than young countries. Experience of "old" countries rather prevents them from noticing new opportunities.

Ukraine is a young country and we are so enthusiastic to create our own state project. We look forward and who knows what our energy related to national development might materialize in as it’s the first time we have this chance. Maybe Ukraine will offer something new to the world, because the world itself looks for new meanings and forms of social order.

Moreover, history of the Ukrainian nation itself suggests that Ukrainians tend towards freedom and democracy. In Ukrainian Cossack state of XVII-XVIII centuries, Hetmanate, hetmans were appointed at democratic elections while in Europe monarchy ruled. And first Ukrainian Constitution, Constitution of Pylyp Orlyk, was declared in 1710 77 years before the U.S. Constitution.

Accidents on Euromaidan in winter 2014 showed that Ukrainians were ready to die to live in a free country, thus confirming the words of the national anthem "soul and body we'll lay down for our freedom." 

Today Ukrainian people have their own independent state and are determined to show to the world what they’re capable of. If we can transform our current weak economy into a prosperous one through economic democracy, namely cooperation, and it will be a strong signal to other countries to follow our way.

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