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Creator Society Movement offers Euromaidan an ideology

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Dear friends! In terms of the political crisis, our country lacks a national idea that would be able to unite people from different political camps and specify the path of Ukraine after the regime change.

Therefore, the Creator Society Movement calls on all activists, NGOs, politicians and football ultras of Euromaidan and offering to pay attention to our Manifesto, which contains an alternative to capitalism and consumer society.

We note that the very Euromaidan today in practice represents the things that Creator Society Movement describes in our Manifesto in the context of the economy.

After all, what keeps Euromaidan is primarily self-organization of ordinary people who have arranged their own efforts in Maidan life, the democratic election of field commanders and rejection of the dictates of the party leaders, and the awareness of shared responsibility for the future of Ukraine, all sharing the successes and failures along.

When you bring these things into the economic plane, we get exactly cooperative economic model, which our Movement stands for. Because cooperative is also self-organization, democratic election of the top-management and shared responsibility for the company’s profit and loss with the every worker’s share.

This economic model can eliminate the oligarchy as a class, because it disappears at the stage of profit distribution at the micro (firm) level, and move from consumer society to the so-called creator society where every individual can realize himself as a creator, as the masses get the ownership of the means of production, which had not previously had.

That’s why Creator Society Movement officially offers Euromaidan circulate among its activists to explore and examine our Manifesto Movement, which can provide an ideological basis of Euromaidan.

We believe that the most effective method of fighting has always been and remains a "word", and having in it’s arsenal a strong ideological platform Euromaidan capable without using physical force to attract to it’s side those people who today support Yanukovich or have doubts. 

Glory to Ukraine!

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