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Movement’s statement on the annexation of Crimea by Russia

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Creator Society Movement condemns Russian aggression towards Ukraine, does not consider the referendum, which was held in the Crimea at gunpoint, legitimate, and calls on the international community not to repeat the mistakes of history in 1938 and applies to Russia toughest sanctions as possible.

The annexation of the Crimea with conducting sham referendum is a complete analogy to annexation of the Sudetenland and Austria by Nazi Germany in 1938. Then in Austria also was held a referendum after its occupation by Nazi troops (the Nazis occupied Austria on March 11 and a referendum was held on April 10). Result - 99.73 % of Austrians for the Anschluss with Germany.

In Crimea, the Russian troops were introduced on 1 March, and the referendum was held even faster - in 15 days, on March 16. For joining Russia - 95.6%.

Putin acts completely scripted Hitler.

In this case, we need to say frankly that Russia today, unfortunately, is absolutely a fascist state built on lies, chauvinism, finding an external enemy and idealization of the Soviet past, which is transformed into a desire to restore the old empire. Any freedom of speech and other opinion different from the opinion of the authorities and the majority in Russia severely oppressed, and all TV channels and most newspapers have long controlled by the Kremlin.

Dissenters with the policies of Putin declared traitors. In a speech marking the annexation of the Crimea, Putin even used the phrase “national traitor”, that was first used by Hitler in “Mein Kampf”.

At the same time, the words attributed to Winston Churchill that “the fascists of the future will call themselves anti-fascists” are fully confirmed. In Russia there is a cult of victory in World War II. In the absence of special achievements after that, it is a victory over the fascists (in fact, the Nazis, but in Russia these concepts are confused) considered the largest historic achievement of the Russian people (although Ukrainians, Belarusians and other peoples of the USSR made no less effort than the Russians, and the loss suffered even greater).

Majority of Russian citizens do not want to hear that the Soviet Union divided Poland with Nazi Germany in 1939, because it destroys their myths that the Soviet Union was only defending himself. Russians now want to live in myth and rhetoric of the war (that war), so any opponent stigmatized as "fascist", and any custom steps (as suppression of individual rights and freedoms in Russia, or in the assessment Euromaidan in Kiev, or annexation of the Crimea) called “the struggle against fascism”. They are comfortable and safe in such a coordinate system, and any rational arguments do not play any role.

Creator Society Movement encourages the international community has no illusions with Putin and his Russia. It is a fully fascist state, and, unfortunately, a fascist, sick society. Support for Putin's policies in the Crimea of Russia's population is over 80%. 

As someone rightly said, it is not Russia rising from its knees today, it is the Soviet Union crawling from the tomb. 

And the international community should respond as tough as possible on such manifestations of fascism from Russia in the 21st century, without repeating the mistakes of the past century.

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