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Computers have revolutionized our lives in recent decades, and the industry that has sprung up with the rapid growth of technology is home to a number of co-ops. These are often organized as worker co-ops, but sometimes take looser forms in which independent programmers can find support while maintaining their independence.


GAIA Host Collective is a worker co-op specializing in hosting web sites.

Web Collective is a Seattle-based worker co-op, which specializes in open source software and web site design.

Cernio Technology Co-operative provides its producer-members with technology to support their tech-related businesses.

Sligo Computer Services is a worker co-op providing database and network programming, as well as technical support.

Integrated Systems for Co-ops (IS4C) is a collaborative effort by retail food co-ops to develop an open source system to run point-of-sale cash register systems. It is now ringing up groceries at four co-ops. 

Source: National Cooperative Business Association (USA)

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